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Last update is horribe. Left panel steals a place. This is anoying!

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  • Amri commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree with the subject discussed. Please do something. it's not responsive and always turn to not responding....

  • Luke Mason commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    v3.3 is absolute crap. It freezes and I cant even operate it, window when minimized doesn't come back up, cursor doesn't respond. WTF, does anyone test the software before releasing it? If you were in a trade and had to get out its impossible with this new version as it doesn't respond/work.

  • CaRL commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Left panels does take too much place left empty by symbol name which could be constrained short enought. Otherwise V 3 keep freezing when heavily sollicited with symbols, series and indicators.

  • Pete Livingstone commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Candles form on the right hand side of the screen updating so this is where i want the tools i use most often. I don't want to have to check the complete opposite side of the screen to confirm time frames, to change from candlestick to line graphs or to add or remove indicators...

    Please make the toolbar movable as it takes up completely unnecessary space in the sidebar, or if not, fix it to the right hand the very least, put the functions back in the top centre.

  • ZJ commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You have to wonder if the cTrader team actually uses their software? As the 3.3 update is a strong case in point.

    To select tools from the right and chart options settings from the left is like a continual game of Pong or table tennis. While you allow the right toolbar to be moved the new 3.3 left toolbar is fixed in place. Was this a decision by comittee or just one brilliant individual in the groups decision?

    Making such a major UI / workflow change and providing no option to change to the previous workflow settings is another complete failure.

    Is there a reason why zoom isn't located on the right toolbar? This is where all the chart tools are and would make the most sense from a user interface design. Do cTrader other users agree or prefer it at the top?

    Can you also re-evaluate the Zoom tool as a whole. Why doesn't the mouse center wheel perform the zoom task? Or why does cTrader have preset zoom levels? To make us work harder to get to the information we need? Zoom features usually allow the user to select an area and enlarge juit that desired area. Seems pretty straight forward doesn't it? When used in this manner I get to focus on my specific area and saves me time scrolling left to rigth as cTrader is designed now.

    Since I have taken the time to write this comment on user interface, why is the crosshair a toolbar option and not just on by default?

    All other programs do this and have the Open, High, Low, Close, and volume in the upper left hand corner of the chart by default. This is standard design and saves users having to click on this useless option again and again to get chart information. With this change alone two current toolbar items would be removed and eliminate 100's of clicks per day for your users.

    Pretty please with a cherry on top please have your team trade using your software and look at other tools like Trading View. It's not difficult to slowly copy the smart and hard work they have already done for you. cTrader could take a few features from this site with each update and soon have a much better software platform.

  • Ctrader Expert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed the panel movement completely impairs the work flow. Just make it customizable like the drawing tool panel and you have a winner. Its not like this panel needs to be dependent on the graph your on. It can be independent like the drawing panel imo. That or at least give us an option to move the zoom feature around as we so fit.

  • MaxT commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    F11 seems to do the job cycling through the layouts thanks Julio! Be good if could set layout views separately for calgo area (I want the window) and ctrader area (I don't want the window) but seems to be a global layout change/not possible (?)

  • Frustrated User commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The left sidebar makes this software unusable on a multiple monitor setup. The windows cannot be resized. How about listening to your customers and fix it FFS!

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How about getting a proper monitor and stop yelling when trading demo on your 15 inch screen? Whats wrong about the interface srsly...

  • Alexandr Neil commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    update 3.3 continues to disappoint....

    >>>>>> Constructive Proposal <<<<<<<<<<<<

    Left panel with Only 4 Little buttons near the top - takes Whoooole space down...
    Top Menu panel with Only 3 Buttons "Ctrader" "Links" "Help" - takes Whoooole space on the right...

    it's as ugly as using "go to" and is absolutely not aesthetically pleasing

    it would be NICE to make One tiny thin panel on the top and place Trade/Copy/Automate/Analyze buttons next to cTrader/Links/Help

    to make ONE thin panel Insted of useless fat TWO


    and .... new update now "kills" the chart layout... another one Left Panel .. now on the chart???

    I laugh and cry ............................. WHY?
    buttons "+/-" time frames, indicators, colors was ABSOLUTELY cute on the top on both sides buy/sell ....................... WHY are you Destroing such Perfect Ctrader?????????????

  • Wesley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The buttons are useful, the placement is not good.

    May i suggest; on the right side of the drop down,
    time frame / tick / renko / range --> (like here)
    place the time frame options (with the ability to Show/Hide)
    and to the right of that, place the other buttons (with the ability to Show/Hide each individually as i don't use all).
    This would allow each chart to maximize its own space.

    May i add also, concerning the entire workspace, where all the charts are.
    Is it possible to move both side panels to the top, on the right side of
    cTrader / Link / Help --> (like here).
    I really want to have my charts utilize my whole monitor screen.

  • Francis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, the new panel is totally useless. Can't believe there is no possibility to get rid of it. Not a great move from cTrader, same as I can't believe there is no possibility to create a new trade setup by how much %percent of my trading account I want to risk. One has to elaborate correct amount of volume to match the % of I want to trade. How easy it would be if I could just set my PIPs and % of my trading account I want to trade and it would automatically calculate the volume. Is my way somehow strange or what... :)))

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    New to cTrader.
    Execution aside, as a charting platform there are a couple things I like that are missing for me in MT4. However, there are MT4 features missing. It's a shame we can't have best of both Worlds.

    1. Rectangles snap to the Candle - great. However, it is not perfect. For a single candle - fine, but if there are a group of candles and I want to pick the tail of one candle and the wick of another, I have to drag the rectangle along. In the process the setting for the wick is lost (or vice versa). In TradingView this 'magnet' feature works perfectly and yet we are ALSo able to adjust and manually configure and calibrate the rectangle, but, Alas, cTrader doesn't allow us to set the parameters for the rectangle. So, not only does the 'snap' or magnet feature not work properly when cutting across candles, we are not able to adjust the parameters in the Properties dialog like can in TradingView and even MT4.

    Single Line.
    If we want to have a horizontal line that doesn't cut across the whole chart, we have to use the Trendline tool. However, again, while it snaps on at one end, there is no way to calibrate the level and because it doesn't automatically draw a perfect horizontal we can only approximate and that's not good enough. Again, we are unable to go into properties and ensure both ends are at teh same level price point.
    Since, I'm new to cTrader, perhaps there is a way that I missed

    I don't use indicators except for the rectangle and TL, but I use the TL often as a 'ray' because I don't like using horizontal lines that cut across the entire chart; I like to see the source of the candle Im drawing the ray from.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Testing cTrader for the first time.
    After digging and digging it turns out that it's actually impossible to hide panels and dialogs that distract and take up Chart real-estate. Yes, it's actually impossible. I still can't quite believe it though.
    SPOTWARE believe that their beloved cTrader is THE best, right?

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