1. Save the downloaded data

  2. Add tick data to cTrader-web

  3. here is an idea ! how about when an optimisation is done using tick data, get the backtester to give the same results using tick data

  4. Historical data. SL and TP

  5. More tick data back testing.

  6. Easy download/import history data for ctrader

  7. Async callbacks for all trading events (requests and responses to the cServer), including from GUI

  8. Ability to export all price and indicator data from the current graph view

  9. I wanted to comment on the amount of data given for Indices. 2 years data is grossly insufficient for the way I trade.

  10. import tick data for market replay or backtesting

  11. Live Sentiment Data Access

  12. Change GetSeries so it doesn't have to wait for new tick before returning data  ·  completed

  13. More backtesting data for the smaller charts such as the 5 min and 15 min on Ctrader- 1 years' of data rather than 1 month for the 5 min.

  14. Save templates with texts and lines and not only indicators & have save button on the platform to retrieve analysed data when it crashes

  15. Better Cross Hair 'data display box' - make is simple!

  16. Would be nice to have price data in the detached charts, so you wouldn't have to switch you eyes from each monitor to see the prices

  17. Cross Hair Cursor should have x-y axis lines while moving + integrate OHLC data on it

  18. Tick-Data Backtesting  ·  completed

  19. TICK calibration

  20. A simple function to get the price of two pairs at a specific time in the past eg the price of EURUSD and USDJPY at 0915 GMT on 5 June 2017

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